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Skyroam Coupon Code - TRAVELSPIRIT
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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lindy Cowling - The Dark Side Of Twin Flames

This video is only to promote awareness in an area not often spoken about.... not fear. It covers some of the 'darker' elements of energy and NOT so divine intervention whilst processing through ' A Spiritual Soul Level Connection' with another person OR RARELY in a genuine Twin Flame Union. Whilst these negative aspects are not common experiences these may include the shadow aspect, the opposite polarities,(light and dark) entities, attachments, negative thoughtforms, implants, false twins,(an energy that mimics a twin flame but isn't one to cause havoc within the timeline). Also as part of some people's spiritual growth one is sometimes plunged into ' A Dark Night Of The Soul' for self awareness CHANGE and healing. Although rarely occurring the most common bloodline/personality for 'darker' challenges or 'disruptor energies' to 'show up' is within the Narcissistic/bdp one. Most often this has nothing at all to do with genuine Twin Flame Unions but it is the addictive belief of 'unrequited soul love' that keeps one engaged with cycles of suffering. Also family and friends can negatively influence/manipulate/disrupt and PROJECT their 3d issues and 3d belief programs onto 5D spiritual soul connections including Twin Flames as 5D 'challenges' ALL the old 3D programs/beliefs! NEGATIVE ENERGIES CAN ONLY DISRUPT THROUGH THE LOWER 3D VIBRATIONS OF EGO BASED TRAITS SUCH AS FEAR CONTROL MANIPULATION. THE PURE FREQUENCY OF LOVE IN YOUR 5D HEART IS UNCORRUPTABLE SO TRANSITION INTO TRUSTING AND FOLLOWING YOUR OWN HEART THIS IS THE TWIN FLAME LEVEL OF TRUE LOVE AND CONNECTION BUT THE HEART IS ALSO THE DIVINE LOVE THAT EVERYBODY IS AND HAS ACCESS TO! YOUR HEART IS ASCENSION

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