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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Solar Eclipse in Taurus May 9th 2013

Last month, we had a lovely full moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. When we experience a Lunar Eclipse, it signals the closing or ending of something. Astronomically, the Moon is at its brightest; and symbolically (or astrologically speaking), the Moon is “illuminating” something for us. We stumble upon epiphanies and are forced to make changes in certain areas of our lives. This new moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus on Thursday May 9th, compels us to take action. Astronomically, the Moon is at its darkest during a new moon; and astrologically speaking, it’s a time to plant seeds that will grow into fruition by our Solar Eclipse in Scorpio later this year. The combination of the Taurus-Scorpio eclipses motion toward a deep transformation that needs to transpire. Astrologers associate Taurus with “refinement”, while Scorpio is associated closely with “elimination.” Four days before and after this eclipse, we will need to take the time to analyze which things in our lives require redefinition or elimination altogether. Steady Taurus creates a strong desire for stability and reliability. With four planets resting in the Earth sign [Sun/Mercury/Venus/Mars], there is a good chance that any opportunity to increase our income and cut down debt will be seized upon. All of the new goals established during this transit are connected to financial security and expansion. The balance to be struck between the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse (from April 25th) and the Taurus Solar Eclipse (May 9th) revolves around transforming mentalities, people, contracts, and other things no longer serving a purpose to us. Let’s take a step back and compare. On April 10th, we had a New Moon in Aries. During that transit, it was advised to create goals that showcased our leadership traits. Many of those new goals established centered on our personal needs —inspiring us to take initiative to get everything we want out of life. During our New Moon in Aries last month, a heavy emphasis was placed on self-promotion and generally looking out for “self” first. Our New Moon in Taurus this month, however, shifts away from “Self” and encourages us to pay more attention to our intimate relationships: figuring out ways to stabilize and expand them. The impatience of the New Moon in Aries has been washed over by the tenacity of Taurus. A New Moon in Aries describes all types of fresh and exciting “brain children” that we want to implement and explore—-sometimes not allocating enough resources to see them through. But this New Moon in Taurus emboldens us to look for tangible results and rewards in our personal/professional lives. We are bound to move away from abstract concepts and take concrete steps to make these dreams a reality. Our physical needs seem pressing while the Sun and Moon transit Taurus on the 9th. We truly connect with our five senses, indulging in: good music, good food, good wine, good sex and the purchase of materials goods that provide emotional satisfaction. Our desire for comfort includes spoiling ourselves and others. And lastly, we are inclined to reevaluate the values we’ve attached to possessions and what we feel they say about our self-worth.

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