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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Libra Full Moon

   Relationships are front and center at the Libra Full Moon. We have Venus, Sun, Uranus, and Mars in Aries opposing the Moon in Libra all challenging (T-squaring) Pluto in Capricorn. Reinventing relationships is a strong theme. Old ones may need to be released, as new relationships emerge. Watch out for emotional power struggles. For instance, people who use manipulation, hidden agendas, guilt and jealousy to control us. These are the lower energies of Pluto. This is not love. This is fear. Own your power. Love Self more than the need for a relationship. Love Self more than the need to keep people in your life.

                       For instance, the ascension is an expansion of consciousness. The ascension raises our vibration. When your vibration increases, the people closest to you may no longer be in harmony with you. We want to seek out our soul family. Those who are of like/light mindedness. People who will "get" you and love you for who you are. Real love is seeing people for who they are and not making them into what we want them to be. Controlling those we love is fear. It is duality consciousness. These are karmic relationships and not our soul mates.  
There is a Yod (finger of God) pointing to Jupiter in Gemini at the Full Moon. This Yod involves the heavyweights -- serious Saturn and pernicious Pluto. Creator is saying to us. "Cleanse and purge your life of self-limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns and attitudes." Remember that, we create our reality with our thoughts, words, feelings and actions. What do you want to create? Take charge of your mind and life.                                 Kelly

Astrological Events
Aries New Moon April 10
Pluto retrograde April 12- September 20
Mercury enters Aries on April 13
Venus enters Taurus on April 15
Sun conjunct Mars April 17
Sun enters Taurus April 19
Mars enters Taurus on April 20
April 22 Earth Day
Venus opposes Saturn April 22
Scorpio Lunar Eclipse April 25
Sun oppose Saturn April 28

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