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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Transfering memories through touch

The epiphanies really start popping in the weeks AFTER Mercury comes out of retrograde. So Mercury going direct today (5:47 pm est) is the start of a potentially awesome sage-ing process. Isn't wisdom in high demand these days? With this retrograde, all the psychic digging and remembering, can bring on a perceptual breakthrough -- an awakening. In signs of Scorpio, and then Sagittarius, the mind seeks inspiration, soul meaning, and visions for the future. Mercury will be in direct shadow to December 15th, for realizations about what's already on your mind and in your deepest thoughts.
More possible themes for Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio/Sagittarius (and to December 15th).
  • Vividly seeing where old dramas and traumas keep you from growing out, to use a gardening term, and where as a result you're stunted, or need a good cutting back (of what's dead).
  • Reconnecting with confidantes and friends, or seeing room to call in soul mates that widen, not narrow, a sense of the possible.
  • Recalling an intense memory, possibly something buried, and even experiencing the emotions of it, particularly shame, guilt, disgust. Seeing it in context and healing/integrating it.
I experienced something wierd -- a memory meld -- that speaks to the Neptunian flavor of this eclipse/Mercury retro period. I remembered an incident at college, where I was placed with a black roommate and then requested a transfer. It made me ashamed and alarmed at myself, and my Mom (who I told) said it didn't sound like me. The next day while driving, I recalled that it was another girl who told that story, and it was HER experience, not mine. And how when she told the story to us, laughing about it, HER insensitivity and small town Southern prejudices made me ashamed.
That's so illustrative of Neptune (loss of psychic boundaries) and Mercury retrograde complete with the shame of a taboo event (Scorpio), that I had to share. It makes me wonder what else I've taken on as mine, that's not! I looked into memory transference, and found this on transfering memories through touch. A young woman who spent time with a dying elder somehow absorbed all her memories! This also makes me think of the dramas and traumas that linger in regions or families. And the psychic-emotional wounds that when healed have a freeing effect. This is a great time to ponder those deep questions, and seek out gifted healers.
Have you had any strange phenomenon or insights? Mercury in Scorpio, going direct later, adds speed to the process, and could enhance divination, the creative process and knowing what to kill off and what to revive. Mercury stays in superpsychic Scorpio to December 10th, and will come out of shadow when it hits 4 degrees Sagittarius (December 15th). The truth sets us free, and releases locked up energies. Enjoy your week!

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