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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Collaboration with Astrolada

Annoula introduces her Collaboration with Astrolada

Astrolada: " All my life I have been looking for ways of getting to know myself better and  develop beyond my self imposed limitations. I researched psychology, philosophy, religions, occult arts and various other wonderful fields but only when I came across astrology did I find a tool that incorporated all of the above and showed me clearly the path to my genuine self. I was so amazed with its accuracy and clarity that I decided to dedicate my life to spreading this noble art and giving its benefits to anyone who is willing to work on their self betterment and realization."
Astrolada " I started studying astrology with London School of Astrology and some of my tutors were the famous Susan Tompkins and Frank Clifford. Later I became an apprentice to a most exclusive Bulgarian astrologer - Cvetemira Borisova, who taught me Hellenistic, Babylonian, Medieval and other traditional techniques which are used only by a handful of other professionals in the world. I also study and incorporate Vedic Astrology--it is more than 5000 year old-the oldest and most preserved divinatory system given to the Seers straight from the Universal Mind. I had the amazing "chance" to discover the work of Ernst Wilhelm who is considered the most prolific vedic astrologer and researcher, translating and decoding the forgotten Sanskrit sacred books! I feel so privileged to have been allowed by Providence to have such a teacher ".
Astrolada is based in London and works extensively with private clients, companies and oraginzations.
MyGreekSpirit: " Life's lessons have taught me compassion and the humility to be able to help people with their problems.  Born a pisces into a family with a long history of  healing and an unexplained natural ability to sense beyond the visible,Through my artistic talents and empathetic nature, I choose to follow the path of my own healing through my service to those in need of vision, kindness and understanding, Many people come to me in search of answers about their desires to change situations in their present life, for answers to help them release past hurts  and move forward into a more peaceful direction. The cards help me to connect with  thoughts and events in their lives that need clearing and releasing."
"Over twenty years of reading tarot, following Astrology,hands on work with Reiki and following my own spiritual discovery through exploration of past lives many concepts and beliefs and practices, God has blessed me with a gentle heart and  I find my own peace in helping others find theirs." Through my card reading and webdesign, I find joy that my creations and visions make a difference to each client that I work with."

MyGreekSpirit; "I am thrilled to become part of Astrolada's Family of Readers and Astrologers and look forward to our work together !!! 

We will be available for readings on Astrolada starting  Dec 2, 2012

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