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Sunday, November 13, 2011

2012 Neptune in Pisces

Forget the Armageddon-style Hollywood hype about 2012. The kinder, gentler spin on this much-discussed year is that it will be a time of spiritual enlightenment, compassion and elevated consciousness. Much of this has to do with the presence of healing, karmic and mystical Neptune’s presence in its home sign of Pisces. In February 2012, Neptune settles in for a 13-year journey, but guess what? Today we get a sneak preview! Neptune visits Pisces from April 4 through August 4, 2011, signaling an urgent need for L-O-V-E to heal our planet. 

As the ruler of compassion and the soother of suffering, Neptune also points out societal injustices. In fact, the last time Neptune was in Pisces was in 1848, when the Communist Manifesto was born and the second French Revolution began. We’re seeing echoes of these uprisings in the Middle East already. 

Sustainable and communal living, a less extreme version of the original Marxist philosophy, is on the rise, too. Check out the Slow Movement ( for ideas on how to turn down the manic pace of modern life and reconnect with natural rhythms. Whole communities are actually implementing ideas like slow food, slow travel, and so on. Neptune in Pisces also reminds us of the wisdom of cyclical living, which civilization practiced for eons before our industrialized, high-tech world kicked into overdrive. 

Both Neptune and Pisces rule the sea, and indeed, issues like oil spills, tsunamis and the earth’s water supply have become pressing concerns. Check out the documentary “Blue Gold” for an Al Gore—style look at how bottled water and the water supply is becoming shady big business. (Neptune, help!) 

Human rights, animal rights, protecting Mother Earth … these will all be hot topics in the next 14 years. One of the major news stories over the past couple of days has been a horrifying (and heartbreaking) video of a corporate CEO killing an elephant in Africa for sport, which spurred a call for a boycott of his company. He’s unwittingly become the poster child for everything that Neptune in Pisces will radically reform. Both Neptune and Pisces dissolve boundaries, and this gruesome incident also reminds us of our interconnection to all living things. If you’ve never read “A Course in Miracles,” make it your Neptune-in-Pisces “book club pick.” Much of its philosophy is that human pain comes from feeling separated from each other spiritually. It argues that separation is a myth and that we are all one, whether we acknowledge it or not. 

One thing’s clear: the world’s “lightworkers” and “earth angels” are needed more than ever. (Side note: If you see 11:11 or 1:11 on the clock or in random places frequently, some believe that’s a sign that you’re a lightworker, here to heal humanity.) In fact, if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably an earth angel, too — you’ve got enough interest in the deeper meaning of life, your purpose and other people to be drawn to astrology. 

Between now and August, find ways that you can give back, even if that means doing just one small action for the good of humanity and the planet each day. Neptune reminds us: No matter how much you may be suffering, there’s always someone suffering more. Be proactive and compassionate wherever you go.

Neptune has entered Pisces and represents our need to merge with something greater and trust in something bigger than seen in our reality. The connection with a more powerful source is found in nearly all cultures and spiritual beliefs. Seeking and trusting in a power beyond ourselves has a transforming impact on our lives.

Many of the alcoholic groups, practice this belief as part of their twelve step programme. Neptune in Pisces asks us to surrender, admitting powerlessness and unmanageability and break out of a self-defeating cycle of repeated patterns and habits. Some people seek relief through an ideology, love, and others seek this oblivion through substances such as alcohol or heroin, for the illusory state of oneness. 

When Neptune transits through Pisces we long to transcend our sense of limitation and individual separateness. The planet puts us in touch with the fact that we need to have faith, to take us through changing states of doubts and confusion. The last transit of Neptune occurred in 1847-1861 and spiritualism was born along with a growing interest in the occult, and the afterlife. The welfare of the poor and sick became a public concern. 

Neptune’s transit through Pisces occurred just after its discovery on 23 September 1846 at 26 degrees Aquarius conjunct Saturn on the same degree. When Neptune was at 0 degrees of Pisces in 1847 The American Medical Association was founded and is the largest association of physicians and medical students in the United States. The AMA’s mission statement was to promote the art and science of medicine for the betterment of public health. 

We sometimes see ourselves as separate from other people and their suffering and with Neptune in Pisces we are asked to be more compassionate and imagine ourselves in the same position, we need to ‘feel’ we have an identification with the human race. Neptune represents the compassionate part of ourselves who wants to help
those in need.

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