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Monday, August 22, 2011

Dhidhimoticho - Translated Twin Walls

City of Thrace, seat of homonym province of prefecture Evros. It is built on the feet of a hill called Kale, in distance of 2,5 km from Turkey and is crossed from the tributary of Evros river, Erythropotamos (Red River). It allocates rich history and enough monuments and sightseeing. It abstains 99 km from Alexandroupoli, 437 km from Thessalonica, 948 km from Athens and 50 km from the Adrianupolis (Edirne Turkey). The residents of Didimoticho, as entire the province, they deal mainly with the agriculture and the livestock-farming. The euphoric grounds of region produce cerials, legumes, beets, corn and garlics. Also in the overhill regions livestock-farming is highly known to citizens, mainly cow farming, and is produced big quantities of meat, cheeses, butter and yogurt. 

The area around the town was founded at neolithic times. It was an important Thracian and Hellenistic town.The town was sacked by the Romans in 204. In the early 2nd century b.c, the Roman emperor Trajan creates a new city between the two hills surrounding the town and names it Plotinopolis, after his wife. The city would later be one of the most important town in Thrace, having her own Parliament.

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