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Skyroam Coupon Code - TRAVELSPIRIT
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Raw Canvas Rocks with creativity

Welcome to Raw Canvas... lounge, wine bar, art studio… an extraordinary social destination. Where you are the creator.
Take a deep breath, sit down, make yourself at home.
Choose from our dynamic selection of handcrafted tapas and earth-friendly wines and world class craft brews.
If the mood strikes, grab a smock and make your way into the painting pit.
Buy a blank canvas and we will provide the paint, brushes and everything you’ll need to free your inner artist.
Our crew will provide encouragement, insight and inspiration to aid you throughout your creative journey.
We are the renaissance... art, food, wine, music, poetry, love, community.
Raw Canvas will revolutionize the way you socialize.
Step out of the Box!
Add energy, enthusiasm and creativity to your team building events and offsite meetings.
The confidence of your team will always play a major role in your company’s productivity levels and profitablility.
Whether in our space or yours, Raw Canvas offers a local, unique and economical solution to enhance unity in the workplace.
If you need your team to work smarter, more creatively or just differently, we offer theme packages that will
help you to recognize individual leadership skills, to realize and address sources of conflict
and improve your team’s ability to work through problems.
Check out our team building packages view pdf | downloadCheck out testimonials from happy teams

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