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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sam Hoffer - writer and food columnist

Le Bistrot du Paradou is one of Patricia Wells’ favorite bistros in Provence. Located in the tiny village of Paradou, it is a short fifteen minute drive from Saint Remy. We had stopped by earlier in the week to reserve a table for the Thursday lunch as that was the day they were serving the wonderful local lamb, l'agneau du Pays. 
I'm a retired executive turned writer & food columnist. Currently I write a food column, “From My Carolina Kitchen,” for my local newspaper. I have entered three recipe contests and was a winner in each: Won the state of Mississippi's Chicken Contest in 1993 and participated in the 40th annual National Chicken Contest, one of the "big three" national competitions. It is the oldest contest of its kind. My recipe for Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken Rolls is in The Chicken Cookbook, 1993, a Dell publication. 

Who says when you retire life slows down?????  Sam Hoffer, Woman of the Day *mygreekspirit*

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