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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

To pathos tou Ellina - Bravo to palikari kai bravo tin Alexiou pou ton kalese pano stin pista !!!!! The true passion of a Greek!!!

Greek Songs - Ellinika Tragoudia
Greek Music - Elliniki mousiki

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Zeibekiko is common in Greece and areas around the world with large Greek populations. Throughout history it has been known as an intensely personal dance where people can express their individuality. Only one man at a time may dance it. If another got up, it would be a cause for conflict and possible violence. However, in the 21st century a certain dance etiquette has evolved, seeing men either wait until the dancing man stops and then begin dancing, or standing up so the dancer gives them his place. In contemporary society, women may dance also the Zeibekiko. Traditionally, applause was not sought nor commonly given, out of respect. This did not, however, lessen creativity, with dancers performing feats such as standing on a glass of wine or a chair or fireplace, or picking up a table, adding a sense of little braggadocio and humor. Zeibekiko songs are popular and vast - some of the more traditional Zeibekiko songs are To Zeimpekiko Ths Eudokias.

Oreo Zembekiko, bravo tous !!

Manolis Karandinis Karantinis Zebekiko Solo Bouzouki

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