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Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Greek elections will take place on Sunday, October 4. After three weeks, Greek citizens will choose their new term prime minister that will guide them through the great economic challenges of the time and make crucial decisions for the country's future course.

On September 11, 2009, Kathimerini said that a poll conducted on September 7 and 8 gave Pasok 151 seats (41 per cent) and New Democracy 96 seats (35.5 per cent).

The Communist Party would get 8.5 per cent, the Popular Orthodox Rally party (LAOS) 7 per cent and the Coalition of the Radical Left Syriza 4 per cent.

However, according to the today’s news reports, main opposition PASOK MP, former prime minister and party leader Costas Simitis, will not run for parliament in the elections. The reason was the rejection of Karamanlis regarding the PASOK leader George Papandreou's proposal to lead his party’s ballot in the Piraeus A' constituency or the Athens A' constituency.
It is remains to be seen whether the disagreement will be solved before the election date.

Ioannis has a passion for the inspiring factor in the art... His work evokes ideas, moods and emotions through the harmony of imagery, colour and space. Within the intimacy of his work, there is an attempt to establish a connection between the Viewer, the Creative Spirit and the Mystery of Art.
He has exhibited widely in Greece and UK and his paintings, prints and drawings can be found in private and public collections in the UK, Europe and the USA.

In regards to the Evil Eye that passed through my site, this seemed appropriate to add as a new post :)

According to Greek custom, every single person has the power of the evil eye, but not everyone knows it. The evil eye is described as negative power everyone carries.

Min mou thimonis matia mou

Roza Eskenazi - Old Tsiftetelli

Kotsiras - Live " Ta mavra matia sou "


  1. The Evil Eye can be cured with appropriate charm or amulet from Holy Land

  2. Only those that believe in evil eyes need amulets, but for you I will place a blue GOOD EYE on my site to ease your worry and stress :-)


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